Intergrated Dairy Management system

Benefits of the Intergrated Dairy Man​agement System

With a lot of powerful features, we guarantee simplicity and clarity.

Paper work reduction

The system reduces the paper based method of record keeping which is tidious, insecure and cubersome

Error reduction

With the digital weighing,recording and transmission of the milk  collected by riders to  the society  collection centre reduces errors


IDMS enhances the security of Member and society data where the information is only accessible only the registered parties

Real Time Information

The IDMS has SMS Intergration which relays real tim information to the farmer and the colllection centre on the ammount of milk colleced

Daily reports

The system has the capability of generating the required reports for the society, members, riders ,all the accounts reports, invoices and any other reports required.


IDMS makes sure there is credibility in anay information relayed to the members, ,society and the collection center as loop holes previusly exploited has bee effectively sealed.